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What’s Your Flavorite Color?

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The reason for this post is obvious – at least to me: I’m bored. I am sitting at home by myself. So, instead of doing laundry, checking my email or taking a nap, I decided to write. Hopefully, the writing doesn’t put me to sleep. My brain, which is usually in a healthy stride, stumbled upon a thought – why is there a flavor associated with some colors? Consider the following: as children we learn to associate objects faster by associating the description we come up with in our own heads. This is more effective than immediately associating the object’s name because the name is, at this point, a mystery. These descriptions are made more vivid by the inclusion of details, such as color. It has been said that children tend to enjoy candy – who am I kidding, we all enjoy candy. However, as children we consider candy more of a treat because we are unable to obtain it…

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Perpetual Laziness

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I have been without a remote control for my DVD player since the first baby born today, was conceived. I get a tingle in my ass every time I sit down in bed, get comfortable and realize the only way the movie will start is if I undo all my hard work and get up and tap the button with the sideways triangle on it. This evening in particular, as I’m getting through the third preview for the next generically-titled movie, I realize how lazy I feel when my internal monologue complains about not having a remote control. After muting my brain’s previous thought, I think about how lazy our society as a whole is becoming. Recently, I discovered we have now taken the fun out of turning liquid soap into bubbles! (I think you are supposed to always follow the word “bubbles!” with an exclamation point). I went into a Chili’s bathroom the other day and pumped the soap…

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