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Thousands of Possibilities

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Thanks to the power of advertising, you may recognize my title. However, some of you may not. You’re better off knowing it because it makes more sense further in to this post, as do many of my digital accounts of the mildly exciting life I lead. This story has is no exception. I recently was house sitting for my dad – a responsibility I seem to have only earned within the past three months of my 23 years in the Milky Way. Side note: growing up I always had a curfew, because half of my parents felt it was necessary. The point is, I finally got the chance to watch the house I was once not allowed to be in while they were gone, and to my amazement, I was very responsible. I took the dog for a run, scooped Jurassic-Park-sized cat shit out of the two industrial-strength litter boxes and made sure all the animals were fed and comfortable….

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