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I Once Tested a Theory

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Has anyone ever heard or come across the idea of a subliminal message? I can’t hear your response, so I’ll move on. Regardless, I would like to share my experience with the idea of your subconscious picking up on something without you being aware. Once upon a clock i was learning French. In fact, I took the class for two years, consecutively. The second time I enrolled in French – French II according to my transcript, I thought I would be smarter than the average forest-fire-awareness icon and learn French in my sleep. This way I wouldn’t have to bother with studying and learning all those weird looking words between the covers of my book and instead would attempt to learn them between my covers. I spent close to twelve hours writing out what I needed to learn for my French II final exam only to turn around and read the foreign words into a microphone, and eventually back to…

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