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South = North

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An incident which took place this evening reaffirms my apprehensiveness in preferring Google Maps over human directions. My hypothesis is that with an address and a computer, I’m ninety-percent positive I will be able to find my way. I, along with most people have become accustomed to the Internet’s ability to make life so much easier. I guess this “Internet” thing is going to stick around. Call it what you will, I just feel more comfortable getting my directions from something that can provide me with not only a map but a satellite view of my destination. Early this afternoon a co-worker invited me to a fantasy football NFL draft, (yes, I too have the fever – it’s football season). I was directed to meet at his friends house after work. Against my better judgment, I followed the directions he provided. Nothing against him, I just don’t trust directions period. I don’t even trust the directions my dad gives me…

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First of all, for those of you who cannot translate the French, touché is French for “touched.” It is used in fencing to call out a valid hit and in our language when someone responds to something that coincides with your logic – a jab back at you. You’re welcome. Moments ago, I was sitting on my couch watching Indecent Proposal with a friend of mine and I hit the ‘guide’ button and noticed that Deadwood would (say that out loud) be coming on afterward. In the other room, my roommate was on his bed making out with Melanie (a girl he is currently seeing). I came up with the idea of taking the two bar stools from our living room to Derek’s room and just sitting there; so, we did. We sat there for a few seconds and eventually, they both noticed us and laughed. I knew how this would play out before it even happened. (Yes, I know…

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