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Fo(u)r Ounces Less

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I’d like to preface this post by stating: I’m not bored at work today. During a venture to the break room I noticed that my company decided to downgrade our water cups from Dixie’s 16-ounce, translucent water cup to the less-expensive, 12-ounce, plastic, translucent water cup, and because I love math, I decided to figure out the overall effect of what this choice may actually cost. Please note that when I worked this equation I did not factor in the increase in cup use, due to having to fill the cup more often to make sure we all are digesting the RDA of water – 64 ounces, (eight, eight-ounce cups), or the fact that the increase in trips to the break room, (to fill the smaller, less-expensive cups), will also result in more socializing and less work, because of the increased chance of running into someone else in the break room, or the increase in wasted water, because I only…

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No. 26 in D-Minor

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In an effort to continue my search for knowledge, I explored a topic which I have always believed to be true – the positive effect of classical music on intelligence. The Mozart effect has been studied and publicized for years and has yet to be explained. The term, “the Mozart effect,” was created by Alfred A. Tomatis, to describe the increase in brain development among children under three years-old, while listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Neurological studies of the brain have continued since 1993 – when the idea for the Mozart effect originated at UC Irvine. A physicist, Gordon Shaw, and a then-retired concert cellist found scientific proof of the Mozart effect in 1997. Through experimentation, they demonstrated that piano and singing instruction are more beneficial to a child’s abstract reasoning skills than computer instruction. Children who received the instruction in music and singing showed 34% higher spatial-temporal ability than the children who received computer lessons. Now you know there…

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