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Hurry Up and Stop

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I don’t know why we move so quickly through life, but we need to slow down – myself included. I realized how fast I was going the other morning on my way to work. I then took another glance at all of the passing colors around me and noticed everyone else was in a rush too. To do what? Sit at a desk and work. Sit in a meeting room and think. Walk down a hallway to stand in line at a cafĂ©. Each of these tasks requires much less energy than it took to get your car to a parking spot…and stop. Why do we drive faster when we’re in a rush? (I know the obvious answer here and I’m proudly ignoring it.) But, really…it will only save you three to four minutes unless you drive a significant distance. Why not just get up earlier, take your time getting ready, eat a leisurely breakfast and ease into your day?…

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Take That! Coke Vendor

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My first day on the new job and I’m waiting for a sign, because I missed two of them on the way here today. Lunchtime came and passed. Because it had almost been a good year since I had made my lunch the day prior to needing to eat it, until last night, I forgot to pack a beverage. Hmm… What to wash down my turkey, cheese and ranch dressing sandwich with? Diet Coke. I passed a vending machine earlier – I’ll check it out. The cost: $.75 for a can of liquid that is none-of-the-below: Healthy Nutritious Expensive to make Reluctantly, I dropped in three quarters and held the button. Tangent: Always, when I put money in a soda vending machine, I hold the button down a little longer hoping toucans will drop (no, not the bird, just trying to be funny). So, I held the button down a little longer…two cans. Tada! Tangent: Whenever this happens, I always…

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Last One Picked

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Every couple of weeks, our boss brings in donuts for the masses and every time, without fail, there are a few stragglers left behind in the “corporate-size” boxes. Today, it was the light-brown-glazed-with-nuts one. Most of the time you see the lone coconut or the dented white-powdered donuts as the “left-behinds.” What goes off in our head that causes us to use up our last few picks on the nasty donuts that only one or two people enjoy? Is it our need to accommodate that quiet kid in accounting who never talks (hence his surname), or is it because we have feelings for the donut itself? (You know, like you can’t leave him behind at the donut shop because you’re picking all his friends.) To further personify the connected tube of batter… This story reminds me of kickball in grade school. Or, for that matter, any team sport played while growing up that necessitated you pick teams. Inevitably someone is…

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