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Email Epiphanies

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I realized some things today (in my email), that many of us should consider and take into account on a daily basis. 1. Emails will not cure cancer. Nor will they stop global warming, make you the recipient of a check from Bill Gates, give you good luck (or bad luck), help you fall in love, prevent your untimely death, or persuade your “trusty” congress-person from enacting a bill. How did I come upon this knowledge? Common sense. Why am I sharing it with you? Read on. Today, while I was checking my Hotmail account, and appreciating how awesome Windows Live Mail is, I found an email from an old friend – one I haven’t talked to in years. The email was about a seven-year-old girl living with cancer. The email is typed in first person from the seven-year-old with brain cancer. She has a tumor on her brain and her family can’t – here, from the email: “I have…

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I’m Away

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Took a lot of right turns today while leaving the Country Club Marriott. If you’re curious why I was turning right so much, it isn’t because I’m Derek Zoolander, or because I was racing a Nascar course backwards. It is because the car we left the Plaza in was at the top of a tiny parking garage. I haven’t slept in such a comfortable bed in a long time. No, I’m not trying to plug the hotel I stayed at, I just want to share how comfy those down pillows and comforter were. After circling my way down to breakfast and enjoying biscuits and gravy, I had a fleeting thought. I go to the office to get away from distractions at home. However, at work, there are an equal number of distractions…I work with three. It seems that when you have a varied set of skills that includes almost every computer application, there are a lot of questions that get…

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A very recent event at “the office” caused me to flag something in my brain as being too much information – hence the title. I also felt it was appropriate (the title) because today on an email chain that runs between my friends and I, there were several acronyms being thrown around. You know you can tell quite a bit about someone by the acronyms they know. For instance, while on the email chain today, someone dropped in a casual “wtb.” I, not being familiar with the acronym, quickly asked what it stood for. I knew in the back of my mind that it had something to do with WoW. I remembered seeing it during my six-month stint of playing the now extremely popular MMORPG. Speaking of, I have a question for those of you obsessed with World of Warcraft: How do you kill that which has no life? (Hopefully, you are familiar with the WoW-related South Park episode.) Interestingly,…

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