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Sock Thieves

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Eating lunch the other day, I noticed that the sticker alerting potential robbers to the the fact that there is an alarm system inside monitoring the building was surprisingly low to the ground (see photo). This low-placed sticker got me thinking… Initially, I thought garden gnomes were robbing this particular location. But, my roommate suggested it was the same people who steal those (now missing) socks from your sock drawer. Do they really pose a serious threat to Chipotle?! Could these little cotton-craving kleptomaniacs be eye-level with a sticker that is no more than a few inches off the ground and really be capable of breaking into Chipotle? Doubtful, because pixies, along with ogres, warlocks and “free,” do not exist. So, what is the implication here? It’s clear that a sticker a My Little Pony could piss on won’t keep a motivated thief (even a sock thief) from breaking into Chipotle. This idea served as a domino in my mind…

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What the EF5?

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Every now and then our environment produces a storm. Sometimes it is as lame as a light shower in the Spring. Other storms are fierce enough to demolish an entire community. In this case, it was the latter. On Friday, May 4th, 2007 while some of us were tucking ourselves in for bed, the entire town of Greensburg, Kansas was trying to find shelter from the first EF5* tornado ever recorded. The tornado destroyed nearly 95% of Greensburg – a town with a population of just over 1,400 citizens (now ten less, due to the lives claimed by this horrific storm). In response to the tornado that hit Greensburg, KS, there have been several well-publicized attempts to help. I’m doing what I can by spreading the word out about a free concert in Kansas City this weekend. A friend of mine has helped put together a benefit rock concert this Saturday at the New Hope Church. The concert is free…

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Gas Minus Food

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Driving to Manhattan is awesome. Not awesome like Guitar Hero II…actually, the drive kind of sucks. But, they did widen the turnpike to three lanes, which was neat. Another ‘neat’ and probably not a great thing to do was decide to eat McDonald’s on the way. It was almost my best trip to McDonald’s, until it wasn’t. Looking back on it, the mistake on behalf of the McDonald’s employee, may have led to my meal being ‘neat’ – as I didn’t have any sauce to spill on my outfit. Almost, on account of the green and red straw (Shrek The Third), but then the person who had the paramount task of assembling my five-ingredient sandwich screwed up and left off the cheese and the ranch sauce. So, I ate bun, chicken, bacon and lettuce. Highly dissatisfied. McDonald’s was a bad decision. I also came to the conclusion that the people working at the toll booths on the turnpike are without…

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Collar What You Will

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When we leave this planet (Earth, for out-of-town readers) we will leave alone. No one is going to come with us and no thing (sometimes referred to as “nothing”) will either. Everything but us (loosely used term here…”us” could easily be replaced with “our soul,” but what exactly is that?) stays behind – unless of course, you know something that I don’t. I have recognized this before, but over the past few weeks, it has re-occurred to me that life is short. There are some detached people (also known as fux – just sound it out) wondering this planet and some of them have the means, and intention to take life – a right reserved for no one. I’m disgusted with some of the events I have heard about in the news lately. I say “heard” because I don’t watch the news. That ish is depressing. I’d rather not expose myself to the thought that someone can kill someone for…

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