My Favorite Part

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I received a call tonight – actually, several. The call referenced sixty-five characters ago, (you have no idea how long it took to get that figure), was from my younger sister, Stephanie. She’s a good one; good sister that is. She called to wish me luck on my bike ride and tell me the three words she won’t let a conversation end without.

Kinda got to me. Enough to sit down while in the midst of packing and write her first blog…

Three weeks ago, I spent two-and-a-half hours in the thick, humid air that we labeled “Saturday” watching softball with my little sister. We arrived as the first game’s high-fives were in progress and judging by my brother’s team’s positive attitudes, they won.

My role is a difficult one; challenging at times, but always worth it. It requires my attention 24/7…I’m always on the clock. Even two days ago when my c-sectioned follower called just to say she loves me (at three a.m.). I screened the call, yes, but I did check the voicemail immediately after to ensure no one was injured, crying, or needed a punch in the face, sponsored by “her older brother.” The kind words helped me go back to sleep, less upset for being woken in the first place.

Two Friday’s ago, I felt inclined to offer my transportation services to my sister and her friends, plus I didn’t feel like going out. On my way home from the gym, I called her and was prepped, ready and fueled-up to DD. To my surprise, she was not going out that night either.

Someone once said: it is the thought that counts. I’m a firm believer.

Not surprisingly, I had fun and it did not involve frosty adult beverages, forgotten names/places/dance moves, or a late arrival to the gym the following morning. I watched some TV, did some writing, cleaned up my room and went through my phone’s contacts while simultaneously contemplating:
a: who they are
b: how I know them
c: whether or not I should call them, because I hadn’t in a long time and it’d be nice to catch up, or
d: all of the above.

I’m getting off the subject, which I do so well, but not when I’m trying to make a valid and respectable point.

If you have a sister, or are lucky enough to have been blessed with two, (i.e. me and my brother), then play the part. Be a good brother.

You never know when the curtains resting stage-left and stage-right of life, will meet.

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