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Eight Equals D

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Many of the friends whom I engage in text messaging with are familiar with a popular body-part-icon, (or equation), I often use in place of an expletive when upset. By now, if you know what I’m talking about the title may seem less than life-size. If you’re unfamiliar, it may take you a second. However, regardless of how long it takes you to figure out the equation, it always stands for the same thing. I rarely complain about minor mistakes. Only in cases where the mistake negatively effects my time and/or money. However, if the time it would take me to rectify the situation is greater than the monetary outcome of complaining, I let it go. Otherwise, solve for time is less than money and it makes sense to complain. For instance, when the cashier at Jimmy Johns charged me for provolone and my French bread sandwiched no provolone, I did not complain. So, where: Tw = time wasted Mw…

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Increase The Distance

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Between your chin and chest. When was the last time you glanced upwards? We all dream to (some day) become one of many different things. Some of us never stop dreaming of what to become. Will that dreamed something end up as more than a husband, father, brother or friend, (or the feminine form of either)? You can’t bank on the uncertain. You can’t count on anything except inevitability. And, you sure as hell won’t know until you try. I often evaluate my happiness based on the inputs in my life that I can control. If I feel something is missing, I find a replacement. If I can’t find a replacement, I find a substitute. If something still seems out of place, I pay it forward. Selfishly, I feel better about myself when I do kind things for others. This is not a bad thing. Others, sometimes assume a more irreverent motive than me just trying to be kind to…

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Viewer Discretion Is Advised

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This warning usually applies to television shows that depict violence (V), adult language (AL), adult situations (AS), sexual content (SC), nudity ( . )( . ), or material deemed offensive for viewers under the age of eighteen, (I think). In the case of some shows, I believe the term warns viewers of poor plotlines, sad acting, muffled lines and generally bad TV. Between portions of today’s Chiefs’ game, I was witness to the latter use of the term. I’ve never been to prison, but as the media often shows, much of Hollywood has. However, even with all of that “inside” information on how penal facilities function, one would still imagine that a far-fetched show, like “Prison Break”, would not air, (the main ingredient of the show). The show depicts prison escape attempts (hence the obvious title), which have apparently proven somewhat successful, but not completely because they keep finding their way back in. If the point of your show is…

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When “k” Joins “now”

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Ever wonder what happens while you sleep? I sometimes think about what the opposite end of the earth is doing as I lay in bed fighting the darkness. I am a night owl; I’m more productive at night and I think better when the lights are dimmed. My bed is second in comfort level on the list of beds I’ve slept in, but I don’t want to lay down yet. I’m up – thinking. Wondering what the next page of my short story holds. The other day someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was a child. I had to think about it for a second, because I don’t reminisce about my childhood that often and probably should. An architect. It took me about forty seconds to come up with my answer, which seems like a long time, but when you’re on what will turn out to be a two-and-a-half hour phone conversation, it’s really just a…

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