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See Below

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Each and every one of you desk-jobbers know exactly what I’m talking about…the overused term, which somehow is an email manifestation of what a client services representative refers to as “people skills” on his or her resumé. Sweet translation. Seriously, if that’s the only input you have regarding the explanation your technical people provided you with for my question, (which you probably forwarded to them and appended the words “see below” to), then why can’t the technical people just email me directly? Wait…then you’d be out of a job, you email-forwarder. Fool me. Copy-and-paste yourself through one day, just one, without using the nine characters of customer service, (ten, if you use a period), and I will consider not wearing your office’s alma mater on my shirt to our next meeting. Continue and I’ll wear it backwards. Pucker up.

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