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Can’t Trust a Brother

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For your consideration, I would like to submit my thoughts on something that has been bugging 80% of my office. We have a Brother in our office that will randomly quit working.  Short of replacing it, I have tried everything. Both print jobs I sent to it today ran into issues. In the first instance, the bright red light that screams without making a sound, notified me that it (thought it) was out of paper. I opened the tray to find several, (which is at least seven), white sheets patiently waiting to be permanent-pressed by the soon-to-be-Office-Space’d printer. I closed the paper tray (assertively) and hit ‘Go’ on the face of the printer. I heard that fan inside, the one that I have no idea what its purpose is, start making the “warm-up” sound and ta-da nothing. Weird how that didn’t solve the problem. So, after the first try at printing the PDF’d invoice, emphasis on F’d, we re-submitted the…

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