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Peephole Watching

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I recently relocated from gum to mint…at least according to the Easter-Bunny-themed map of the U.S. to your north, and I had to drive through an O.K. state to get there. I know a total of one person at my new apartment complex, because I don’t count the girl and dog that live behind me, (the little bitch was kind enough to come and sniff my ankle – her name was “Princess” and I believe she was a Yorkie). I don’t know many people and I don’t really like talking on the phone for extended periods of time…especially since I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation that comes after a ten-hour workday, so I am in search of a social activity that doesn’t involve alcohol [on a weeknight]. I’ve been frequenting the apartment complex’s gym, but I refuse to spark conversation over a dumbbell, because then I’ll have to start cutting my sleeves off and wearing sandals and a frayed-brim visor (on…

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