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Boisterous laughter heard between nine and five from the face in front of the monitor is 99% of the time related to something unrelated to work. For this reason, it is not healthy job etiquette to engage in such activities [while at work] especially if you have three to four sets of ass cheeks above you on the corporate ladder.

Note-to-all: It is never a good idea to look up the corporate ladder – only look at the top.

In any work environment a laughter is healthy and can commonly be attributed to something a co-worker said or a client did; but, when expressed “out loud” in a manner similar to an overweight mountain goat, it most often is not related to work.

With the exception of the constant all-pages that occur during the typical weekday and the half of the conversation you get to hear between salesperson and client, the majority of professional office buildings are somewhat quiet.

My office remains keystroke quiet. All you can hear is the gentle pit-pat of the qwerty at around seventy WPM. When your office is as quiet as my office, anything out of the ordinary, such as laughter out loud, will definitely catch ears and turn heads.

Yesterday, during the ever-amounting inboxed kilobytes and speakerphoned conference calls, I had an LOL. Within seconds, this all-of-a-sudden LOL commanded four eyes to readjust in my direction and someone’s curious ENT to slowly peek around the edge of my office door.

I excused my LOL and resumed quiet time.

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