Chopped Chit Chat

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If your WPM is fewer than, or equal to, your grandfather’s age on your fifth birthday, then please take typing lessons.

I’m not referring to shorthand or txt lessons…no, I’m talking about cue, double you, e, are, tea, why (skills). Especially if you plan to use your keyboard to communicate via IM.

Also, when IM’ing, prudently utilize the backwards L-shaped key – certainly if depressing that key results in a send.

Receiving news in bits doesn’t bother me. Receiving news in broken

bits is what really angers


Respect the amount of time your recipient wastes watching the “Ross Clurman is currently typing” notification only to realize

that you were just finishing

your thought.

And, under no circumstances should you follow the scattered sentence with a visit to their office, or a phone call for verbal translation.

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