Plain White Paste

By August 21, 2009 Peeks No Comments

Plain old Colgate in a tube…ah, the good ol’ days. The .1 ounce blob I put on my toothbrush this morning brought me back.

I remembered standing barefoot on a Smurf blue tiled floor, in front of a white porcelain sink (aka – G.I. Joe’s ocean), barely being able to see my face from the nose up in the mirror and shoving elbows with an older brother and little sister…smetimes even waiting to spit when their hands were in the way.

It was a nice memory.

They say that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, but I respectfully disagree – for me it’s taste.

Within the first cycle of my SonicCare, the taste of that plain white paste painted a vivid childhood memory which was all but faded.

Unfortunately, that same white paste also painted a lovely spot on my right boob, which I noticed right away, but irreverently decided to do nothing about.

I wanted to remember what I remembered long enough to write it down. Besides, I don’t have to meet with any clients today.

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