Recycling Bender

By August 22, 2009 Neat-o No Comments

Austin is such a progressive area when it comes to being Earth-conscious. I’ve changed a lot of my habits when it comes to recycling. I recycle everything. Hell, I even got made fun of the other day at work for drinking out of a mason’s jar (actually, it was a once-delicious jar of locally-made salsa).

A new permanent fixture in my apartment (besides a frugally-stocked wine rack) is a recycling bin. Paper, plastic and cans can all be recycled at my apartment complex’s trash areas.

My office also has a recycling bin next to my desk…I guess it helps working for an environmentally conscious employer.

During my first week (following the move) I purchased a domain specifically focused on propegating the ideas for becoming (buzzword in three, two, one) “greener” as a marketing company and encouraging clients and partners to follow suit.

Those familiar with hex color codes should make the connection right away. Those unfamiliar should at least be intuitive enough to figure it out by now.

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