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Weak Ends

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I love Sunday‚Äôs, but the day after is usually not on my list of favorites. You know going in [to the weekend] that Monday is going to suck. Some Mondays are a little less painful than others. Usually due to the kind conversations some Sunday evenings can bring. When you’ve completed the weekend’s work and literally have no [one] thing to do, the most satisfying item you choose to do can be a multi-minute phone call with someone that lives a state or two away and shares the same predicated nothingness as your evening. Even so, when you wake up the next morning and flick the night’s dust from your eyelids, you are already looking forward to closing them again at the day’s conclusion.

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Whistle While You Work

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But, please, keep it to yourself. I’m not a white cartooned female and you don’t have an adjective for a name, stand fewer than four feet tall, or carry a pick axe. It’s bad office etiquette to implant (through whistling) late 80s songs into someone’s head without expressed written or verbal consent. Earlier today, a co-worker came into my office and began whistling…um, nuh uh. If there’s an ‘a’ before the ‘m’ then the only thing your lips should be blowing is the steaming cup of coffee in your hands. I pepped up the pipes and belted out a louder whistle. My tune, (a Coldplay song), acted as contraception for the incredibly catchy track from something very Monster Ballad-y. Not gonna get in my head. I win. Go blow air in another someone’s office.

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Worst Acting Job Ever

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I woke up this morning after a horrible dream…I was in someone’s wallet! After a movie-filled weekend, I’ve seen a fair share of crap. I went in expecting them to be crap though. I mean, if I can honestly say that my favorite from the bunch is Knowing, then what does that tell you? Friday: Bangkok Dangerous & the first twenty-three minutes of Knowing. Saturday: Knowing (minus 23 minutes), Crank, and Crank 2: High Voltage. Sunday: TBD, but hopefully better than the action junk I watched this weekend. Watching Bangkok Dangerous made me want to buy a gun. That way, when it was over, I could shoot myself in the frontal lobe and never experience that movie again. Knowing was based on an interesting premise. The world was coming to an end as predicted by a girl in grade school, fifty years earlier. It was up to short-haired Nick Cage (who I really don’t have any bee with) to try…

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Texas Dresscode

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Everyone that lives in Austin claims that it is non-representative of the rest of the lone star state. That may be partially true, but not completely. For instance, if you were to randomly sample a set of twelve people’s conversations, I guarantee at least seventy-five percent of those conversations would include any, if not all of the following words/phrases: – y’all – fixin’ (sometimes with “to” appended) – ain’t – a hunderd – we’ll see you later (even if only one person is going to be seeing you later) I recently dropped off one of my favorite pairs of jeans to be dry cleaned. No questions, just dropped them off and I was told they would be ready in two days. Our former President, that claims to be from Texas, once messed up a saying that begins: Fool me once… Well, they got me this time and it won’t happen again. I returned two days later to pick up my…

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