Whistle While You Work

By September 15, 2009 Humor, Peeks No Comments

But, please, keep it to yourself. I’m not a white cartooned female and you don’t have an adjective for a name, stand fewer than four feet tall, or carry a pick axe.

It’s bad office etiquette to implant (through whistling) late 80s songs into someone’s head without expressed written or verbal consent.

Earlier today, a co-worker came into my office and began whistling…um, nuh uh. If there’s an ‘a’ before the ‘m’ then the only thing your lips should be blowing is the steaming cup of coffee in your hands.

I pepped up the pipes and belted out a louder whistle. My tune, (a Coldplay song), acted as contraception for the incredibly catchy track from something very Monster Ballad-y. Not gonna get in my head.

I win.

Go blow air in another someone’s office.

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