Seniõr Sprite

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[Business-related] road trip! / 🙁

During our three-hour route to Brownwood, TX, my superior and I stopped at McDonald’s to have lunch. Under normal conditions, fast food is never a consideration; on the way to Brownwood, it’s the only consideration.

Tangent: Surprisingly, I enjoyed the burger. Not surprisingly, I didn’t eat many fries or touch the handle exiting the bathroom.

Leaving, I refilled my Sprite. My boss left with what remained in his.


ROSS places his lidded cup next to his manager’s open cup in the center console.

The danger doesn’t exist in having the two Sprites (not to be confused with small winged fairies) that close to each other. The danger exists because the seniõr driving is not a citizen of Mexico, but a citizen of the senior community.

He may have saved 50% on the price of his Sprite, but if he forgets (as seniors tend to do) that his container is lidless, then I get senior spit on 50% of my straw.

It happened the other day at lunch. He was was across from me and decided to drink from both glasses in front of him. One being my water glass. Yet, he still proclaims “I don’t need glasses” (the optical ones).

He now has two – obviously a false proclimation.

I really hope he keeps his eyes on the road and his mouth off my drink. To be continued…

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