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Alma by Rodrigo Blaas

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This five-minute animated short is clever, cute and creepy. It is perfect for the holiday season and definitely worth watching.[1] Makes me wonder what I could have created had I continued enrolling in 3D animation classes after high school. [1]: If you are not partial to dolls, or vintage toy stores. Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

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In Between Dings

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I left a warmer climate on an empty stomach – anxious and eager – and touched down in Denver only to sit on the runway like a lazy model until close to 8:30. After snow delay number one, I quickly ate half of a red-white-and-yellow sacked dinner, re-packing the remainder for the brief moment prior to takeoff in which I am allowed to have my tray table not in its upright and locked position. Dinner: done. Delay number two: underway. My departure soundtrack was starting to repeat tracks and could have gotten me into trouble had I not been more clever about how I skip tracks. I think flight attendants are aware that clicking the remote below your ear is a dead giveaway that your electronic device is not in the “off” position. The two hour delay did not upset my row. In flight, I relaxed, knowing that I would make it home without too severe of a delay. The…

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