Emotional Elimination With A Twist Of Dragon

By January 18, 2010 Peeks No Comments

I received a phone call last week from the Travis County District Attorney’s Office regarding the accident I was in last July.

The discussion briefly covered how I healed and the challenges related to recovering damages for the loss I incurred. Then I was asked a serious question. I was asked what I felt should be Greg’s punishment for hitting me with his car.

I was overcome with a feeling that I can only peg as being discomfort. The only reason I know it was discomfort is because, through the process of elimination, I ruled out the other big emotions.

Happy = smile.
Sad = tear.
Bashful = red cheeks.
Angry = scowl.
Overjoyed = the moment you discover what this ninja is hiding behind his head (:40).

Initially, I wanted to lend him my bike and borrow his PT Cruiser (Greg, not the ninja) and invite him to take a trip down Memory, (Brodie), Ln. That fantasy passed.

I don’t reflect on negatives by remembering the people involved. I remember how it, (being the negative situation), changed me. How it improved who I am and how I live. More importantly, I move on.

I opted to let the prosecutor decide.