Twelve to One

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I woke up on last year’s first feeling refreshed, because I won the fight I was in the night before [with a bottle of NyQuil].

My last [KC] New Year’s was spent with some of my closest friends, and sixteen days later I put 735 miles in between myself and most of those individuals. We did have a pretty epic going away party (several).

I lost a handful of other friends, rather acquaintances, between there and here, and even more between January 17th and yesterday.

Several other friendships were strengthened – my night and weekend minutes are proof of that.

So, what else did I realize between one-seventeen and one-one?

  1. You can’t put a price on friendship, but when there are zero direct flights between the city you live in and the city they do, maintaining friendships becomes quite pricey. Worth it.
  2. Shit happens. It did to me this year, to excess; but, in between those moments, I managed to meet some good people and have some good times.
  3. The people you grow up closest to are more susceptible to the unstoppable expansion of space and time.
  4. The key to self-preservation lies in listening more, talking less and knowing when to walk away.
  5. When I get stressed, my stomach takes the blame – my appetite waves goodbye, my nights get longer and my pillows fill the emptiness.
  6. I cannot lose at the alphabet game.

It’s only the tenth and it’s already been quite a year. A lot of firsts…had Whataburger and Jack in the box, meh. Listened to Insane Clown Posse, still not a fan. Won twice at foosball, that’s right. Wore a t-shirt on January 1st, nice. Saw an ad for “awesome restrooms”, false. And, I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed soon, so I have four less dents to brosse.

Here’s to the best one yet, and hopefully many more.

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