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John Mayer Says “N” Word

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So, I read John Mayer’s interview in Playboy. I read it for several reasons; none of which had to do with it being sandwiched between numerous pages of naked women. Besides, my subscription ended in October. I read it free, (and boob-free), online. I heard about it because of the coverage and controversy it amassed. I read it because I like his music and was curious what he actually said to garner so much negative attention. By the way, if you haven’t heard about it, or read it, he spoke about some unnecessary details related to his sex life, (name-dropping one particular ex-XX) and was clearly not playing the part of “the guy who sang Daughters“. Side note: Personally, with the exception of my significant other[1], I could care less about anyone else’s sex life. I read it with an open mind, because like most of what’s now considered “newsworthy”, you can’t sum up an interview into a 140-character tweet,…

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Grandfather Claws

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Your parents’ parents are capable of quirks we all can relate to. Birthday checks, being just one of many. Twelve dollars here, nineteen there – maybe a seven or eight dollar check early on in your aging. Whatever the reason, it’s always a mystery as to how much you’re actually going to get. The occasional passed-along incentive disguised as a spontaneous gift they received for renewing a membership, transferring a balance, or “calling now to take advantage of this special offer”, usually with “combo” somewhere in the product’s name. I don’t understand why grandparents write birthday checks for random amounts, or pass along gifts they don’t realize are impractical until they arrive four to six weeks later, (for S&H only), or my favorite and reason for writing, why they rename their dead pet’s successor(s) after their dead pet. My grandparents had several different dogs…named Mickey.

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