Flighting Connections

By April 29, 2010 Peeks No Comments

The emotions people experience after touchdown and prior to takeoff are not documentable.

Family, friends and significant others have various ways of materializing the standard hello/goodbye into something much more tangible than the familiar two-syllable exchange.

Inbound, I notice smiles, laughter, high-fives, handshakes, and running (sometimes) combined with an aerial hug and kiss. For variety, a three-quarter, or full spin is added, (and can even be followed with a smooch session, or hand-holding).

Some are just simple head nods – usually between bros.

Outbound, I observe aggressive waving, extended [group] hugs, low-fives and long kisses goodbye, many times combined with ocular condensation and/or the repeating, 15-degree shoulder twist. Feet remain stationary, while everything north of the knees rotates on a vertical axis back and forth.

Bros exchange a fist bump, handshake hug or just a simple “later”.

I people watch as all of this happens around me, traveling from gate to gate on the horizontal escalator….headphones in, with my music just loud enough to drown out the intercom’s final boarding call.

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