Inside The iPad

By April 8, 2010 Peeks No Comments

I am often curious not only how something works, but what it has inside. When I was younger, I would take stuff apart and (upon parental encouragement) put it back together again. Flashlights, wireless phones, radios, answering machines (remember those?!)…they were all victim to my screwdriver and imagination.

Now that the devices have gotten more intricate and expensive, and I have gotten busier, I don’t have time to take apart my (or anyone else’s) toys/gadgets/games. So, I let someone else take apart Apple’s iPadĀ®.

Here are a few of the images of the inside of the iPadĀ®.

Behind the screen

Behind the screen

iPad® - the brain

The brain without Pinky


The bottom

See more pictures of what’s inside the iPad®.