AT&T Drops Unlimited Data

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Fact: 3% of AT&T’s subscribers account for nearly 40% of their data traffic.
Fact: 20% of every call I make on my phone is dropped.
Fact: My coffee is beginning to cool.

Yesterday, AT&T announced that they would no longer have an unlimited option for data plans. Instead, they are migrating into a tiered scheme to accommodate users that utilize fewer than 2 GB of data per month.

Current users do not need to switch, but can do so without a contract extension. The new data plans are outlined below:

DataPlus – $15/month gives you 200 MB of data, which, according to the carrier, is enough to send/receive 1,000 emails (w/out attachments), plus send/receive 450 w/ attachments, plus view 400 websites, post 50 pics to social networking sites, plus view 20 minutes of streaming video.

DataPro – $25/month gives you 2 GB of data. Take the activities above and multiply them by ten. With this plan, users that exceed the 2 GB allotment are automatically given an additional 1 GB for $10.

In addition to the new plans, AT&T will be offering tethering for smartphone customers who switch to the new tiered scheme and access to AT&T’s 20,000 hotspots.

My only question, is will this cease the incessant amount of dropped calls? Probably not.

Read the full news release.

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