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Last year, Ally came out swinging with a series of ads depicting children in one of several different situations that mock a real-life scenario you might find yourself in with “other” banks.

They test the patience and understanding of children, who are not familiar with how banks work, and they do it in a way that suggests the children are part of a focus group, or study on human behavior.

The moderator portrays “other” banks and responds to the children’s inquiries with simple (yet, flawed) banking logic. The close-in cuts of the children’s faces, (which are all classic), are followed with Ally’s response – a solution to the common bank.

Part of me feels bad for the kids. The other parts of me feels bad for me, because I can relate…as I’m sure many of you can, too.

Ice Cream:







In addition to putting their ads online, they compiled a short reel of behind-the-scenes footage of the children that participated in the making of these ads.

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