Seatbelt Cha[i]r[-]a[i]des

Since that was probably the most bracketed title I have ever written, I must explain…

Seatbelt Charades aka Seatbelt Chair-aides. It will make sense after watching the following PSA.

/ (tangent)

I received this from a friend via email [Fwd:] and it was spot-on appropriate for two reasons:

  1. I’m having a party this evening, which will require many to travel via vehicle.
  2. Texans cannot drive in any weather other than one-hundred degrees and sunny, (and even that is sometimes challenging), let alone the current torrential downpours we are experiencing as a result of Hurricane Alex – the strongest June hurricane since Alma in 1966 – so, the likelihood of car accidents in Austin today have exponentially increased.

(end tangent)

Say a prayer. Watch this video. Buckle up.

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