The Impact FaceTime Ad[d]s

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Who wouldn’t get a little throat knot after viewing a one-minute video of connections between loved ones set to Louis Armstrong’s When You’re Smiling? The spot aired last month and ends with a couple communicating in ASL saying “I love you”.


These emotional ads highlight one of the many new features of the iPhone 4 – FaceTime. A video/voice call feature that requires the iPhone 4 and a Wi-Fi connection. Without further ado, here it is.


The subsequent four spots, which aired Sunday, are set around a similar theme: the impact of a being able to see someone face-to-face…

  1. to encourage a smile (and see what’s underneath).
  2. to get input on a new do.
  3. to introduce a recent addition to the family.
  4. and, to deliver some big news about a project.

Watched in succession, they somewhat lose their individual emo-effect, but I’m sure many can relate to one, (and Apple banked on that).



Meet Her:

Big News:

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