Over My Head

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A couple weeks ago, I spent about two hours on my balcony with a good friend scanning the sky, trying to distinguish planets from stars. It’s much harder than you think.1

Wine + stars = deep [red] conversation.

Discussion topics included:

  • The Universe and everything that’s out there.
    For the record, “out there” is a big place. As comparison, “out there” is greater than, or equal to all the stuff that “she says” … and “she” says a lot (mostly inappropriate).
  • Energy transfer.
    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and as our Universe expands, less energy per-(measurement of area) is available for transfer.
  • Chupacabras.
    Enough wine will cause a raccoon, medium-sized dog, or a large cat to appear as if it is a chupacabra.
  • Life.
    It’s too short.1

Grab a friend, grab a bottle, (telescopes are a plus), and grab two glasses…cheers/here’s to the stars.

1. probably something she said

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