See What I Did There?

Social networks make it easy to share anything and everything with the world. That’s why Vegas’ branding statement has been (unofficially) rewritten to: “What happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook.”

The appropriate moments captured are a perfect way to share with friends and family, (and sometimes co-workers), the amazing time you had – what you did, saw and experienced. You can’t take everyone on your vacations and sometimes the diatribe doesn’t quite tell a story like a photo can.

Some things are not for sharing.

The inappropriate moments captured are for those present in the situation. They are perfect for embarrassing someone, getting in a healthy laugh, remembering what you wore (or didn’t wear), and/or reminding yourself that you’re no longer in college.

You don’t invite all of your Facebook friends to a birthday/bachelor/bachelorette party for a good reason. A party, by default, involves the act of partying, and while you may love your family and many of your friends, they all define the act differently.

Growing up I made mistakes; but, that’s how you learn and (hopefully) grow. During my formative years, my dad told me: “If you’re doing something you wouldn’t do around me, then you shouldn’t be doing it.”

At the time, I listened and nodded. Over the years though, I’ve thought more about that lesson and while I understand what “somethings” he was referring to, I have to come clean…

Dad, I’ve done and am going to do many things I would never do around you (or anyone else) and those things are not bad, nor are they wrong, but I really hope you never see pictures of any of them.

Please practice social networking responsibility.

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