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While consolidating emails from the past (circa 2006), I came across a notification from one of my early blogs. I read through it, and while I can remember every thing I reference, I can’t remember everyone.

I honestly can’t remember who “she” is.

From a post written on February 20, 2006, originally titled “All In The Last 72 Hours”

“Get up come on get down with the…” could be heard over everything this weekend at two of my favorite spots. Not only that, but I had one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had.

I met someone (I already knew) again – who I hadn’t seen in over three years. Wow, I am getting old.

We have talked every day since Thursday, (that is rare for me to talk to anyone for four [fore!] days in a row), unless they live with me. I don’t even want to get into the dynamics of that last sentance, so I’ll drop it.

Interestingly enough, after four days, I was still able to materialize thirteen minutes of unscripted conversation today. (That is amazing, because it takes a lot to keep me interested.) I usually find myself struggling when trying to maintain a decent conversation because I jump around so much.

I get bored. Easily.

Oh my gosh (funny story)… I’m currently watching Hide and Seek with my roommate right now and it stars two actors I like.

  1. Famke Janssen – She is gorgeous (it took me some time to get back to that feeling after she appeared on Nip/Tuck) and she is a good actress.
  2. Dakota Fanning – A very talented actress.

So, I got my roommate’s attention to share how pretty I think Famke is, and while trying to remember Dakota’s name, because I just watched a movie with her in it (Man on Fire), and a moment after Famke was no longer on-screen, I said, “What’s her name?”…in reference to Dakota. Curiosity immediately led me to the wonderful power of the Internet and I quickly found her name. When I did, I read it aloud: “Dakota Fanning.” At this point Famke had returned to the screen.

Derek replied, “She’s got a nice fanning.” (I’m sure you can pick out the correllation between her last name and fanny.) I stopped, looked at him and asked, “So, are you registered yet? You sick bastard.”

As soon as he put “a” with “b” to find “c” laughter ensued.

Back to my story – great weekend…Saturday morning one of my friends had a huge craving for wings so we were throwing out ideas of where to go to get wings and Derek threw out “Always have wings.”

Third time i laughed almost to the point of urination.

She just called again. Yessss. OK, bedtime.

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