Africa: Advertising’s Next Big Thing

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I read an article about advertising this morning. If the first two words weren’t shocking enough, peep this:

Currently, Africa and the Middle East (combined) make up 2.9% (or $14 billion) of the $482.6 billion (or 100%) of the global advertising market. Those two (the fastest growing markets) are poised to increase to 3.5% by 2014.

Martin Sorrell, of WPP (the world’s largest ad agency by revenue), said WPP generates $500 million from Africa. If you’re familiar with ad revenue, $500 million is not very impressive for an entire continent; however, keep in mind most African country’s advertising markets are delivering what what many of my junk emails promise: double-digit growth percentages!!!1!!


Ad agencies and companies are looking far beyond the progressive, forward-thinking South Africa, which is on track to have an ad spend of $4.7 billion this year.

Countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Mozambique are all targets of major worldwide agency’s advertising dollars, (or the respective country’s currency).

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