It Smells Like Cat Poop

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Because it is cat poop.

Ohai! I found your clean laundry.

"Ohai! I found your clean laundry."

There are few smells that match the piercing smell of a newborn cat turd. To ice the chocolate cake, few house-broken indoor cats will go the extra distance, [omitted pun: take the extra step] and cover their gift.

This does two things.

  1. Decreases the time from birth to scent arrival in your olfactory
  2. Further promotes the idea that cats are arrogant and stubborn*

It’s one of those immediately noticeable fragrances that lingers and, as a cat owner, I ask: Do ya have to…do ya have to let it linger?

Arm & Hammer has developed a solution (to feline fecal odors, not The Cranberries). Double Duty, A&H’s new cat litter, eliminates “58 percent” of cat-related “stool odor” and “improves your home environment.”

(Not sure how it accomplishes the latter, but I’m anxious to find out.)

Here’s the new commercial about A&H Double Duty from Ferrara & Company, a New Jersey-based advertising & marketing firm.

Interested in reading more? I was, and learned cat litter sales in the US were $1.83 billion last year, which led me only to think: shit!?.

I read said article [omitted pun: covering cat litter] at

*female dogs.

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