Sneezing Command

By November 3, 2010 Humor No Comments

The tone of your voice usually dictates your attitude; however, it can be the result of something else.

Cold water, a pinch/poke/punch, sudden loss of air to the lungs, these are all things capable of adjusting your speech.

This morning, I accidentally combined a sneeze with a request, thus turning a kind gesture into a yelled command.

Shortly after, laughter ensued.

A coworker and I were gathering samples from one of our conference rooms. I felt a sneeze coming on and tried to warn her to keep her distance, (so I didn’t shower her with sneezy particles).

The sneeze hit early and I yelled/sneezed, “Stay back!”

I made an un-PC comment about having Tourette’s syndrome and we continued working. A few minutes later, she stopped laughing at me.

Welcome to a day at my office.

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