Holy Water

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For dinner the night prior, we ordered pizza – just the way I like it: easy on the tomato sauce.

Among my observations from the slowly closing day, was Olivia’s fascination with overcoming the communication barrier between us. She’s a smart one and quickly figured out a silent workaround.

Her method consisted of hand gestures, mainly pointing, at the subject(s) and then the noun. The verb was implied.

For instance, if she wanted me to go with her to the pool, she would point at me, then at herself, and finally the pool, which literally meant: “You, me, pool,” but translated as: “You, come with me to the pool.”

In addition to her sign language, she continually asked the closest bilingual family member the English word for several of the nouns on the opposite end of her outstretched finger.

Flower, table, plant, chair and pool were now part of her her Inglés vocabulary. Even so, she still preferred pointing.

After some family time and football, we said our ciaos, cleaned up and went to bed.

I woke up around eight, washed my face and went downstairs where I was greeted with a “Good morning, Arroz,” (rice being a proper noun, only because it was my name for the next six days) and a kiss from Olivia.

For breakfast, I had fresh fruit and cereal. While I ate, the nannies shuffled around the room tending to the three of us. Olivia told them they couldn’t talk to talke to me, because I don’t speak Español.

A shower and collared shirt later, I was on my way to a Portuguese baptism where I started my career in film. The baptism was long and sans subtitles, but rewarding in that I was the only non-family member present for such a special occasion.

I am grateful have been invited to be a part of something so special and so meaningful.

Afterwards, I had an array of foods poolside, got plenty of sun, (enough to garnish my pale ass with some color), and then four of us retired to an upstairs living room to watch Glee.

For a moment, I forgot I was on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and realized I had literally traveled 15 hours to watch a gay version of Saved By The Bell, which I never watch while I’m at home. I will admit that it was a slightly enjoyable show.

I took a thirty-minute nap with Maika, the dog, and woke up to have some more snacks and another Heineken.

Back to watching Glee.

After finishing disc one and two, Meli returned with Olivia. Soon after, the three of us returned to Meli’s house to clean up and change for a late dinner at Sushiclub.

Jorge, myself, Meli and Guga, had appetizers and various types of sushi – many of which I have never heard of, nor expect to have in the States. Delicious.

I felt like my host family knew half the city, because several nearby tables and a group of people who walked by in front of the restaurant stopped by to say hello and briefly reconnect.

We shared a bottle of Willy Wonka (wine) and talked about our favorite TV shows (LOST, Friends, South Park, etc.) and then told “your-mom-is-so-fat” jokes until our cheeks were sore from laughter.

Eventually the conversation shifted to discussing the trials and tribulations about where we grew up, respectively, and our “first time.”

In place of dessert, we had espresso and returned to the car.

During a short walk to the previously mentioned vehicle, I noticed what was clearly a DO NOT ENTER sign and a driver completely disregarded it.

Jorge explained to me that after the sun goes down, anything goes.

We got back to the car, tipped the person who “watched” it for us and drove home.

I started the second half of The Rock, poured myself a glass of filtered water, quietly made my way to the pink room and got into bed.

I was sound asleep before General Hummel let the first rocket go.

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