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Internacional BBQ

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I woke up a little late, obviously, and put on my bathing suit to head to Meli’s parent’s house for lunch. Lunch was two small steaks, rice, beans, salad and the bread crumb Brazilian dish. Delicious. I passed up on dessert and just drank a few sodas while sitting in the downstairs living room, where Oli showed me her stocking. After applying a fair amount of sunscreen, I put my “reminisce” mix on and after cleaning it, I laid next to the pool and drank Pilsen. A moment later, Tad asked me to help him get the K-State game on, because Roberto’s computer was having issues loading I found the game and set it up to start streaming. Tad joined me at the pool with Meli, Oli and Caca while Guga slept because she went to Meli’s doctor appointment that morning at 9. We talked about real estate, travel, visas, health insurance, graphic design, (Caca is studying it), and…

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