Internacional BBQ

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I woke up a little late, obviously, and put on my bathing suit to head to Meli’s parent’s house for lunch.

Lunch was two small steaks, rice, beans, salad and the bread crumb Brazilian dish. Delicious.

I passed up on dessert and just drank a few sodas while sitting in the downstairs living room, where Oli showed me her stocking.

After applying a fair amount of sunscreen, I put my “reminisce” mix on and after cleaning it, I laid next to the pool and drank Pilsen.

A moment later, Tad asked me to help him get the K-State game on, because Roberto’s computer was having issues loading I found the game and set it up to start streaming.

Tad joined me at the pool with Meli, Oli and Caca while Guga slept because she went to Meli’s doctor appointment that morning at 9.

We talked about real estate, travel, visas, health insurance, graphic design, (Caca is studying it), and software, among other topics.

After the pool, I changed and went upstairs to watch more Passioné (a Brazilian soap opera), which by this time I was starting to figure out.

I made a sandwich around 4:30 and by the time I was done, it was game time.

Tad and I watched KSU play Syracuse on a 19″ monitor. It was great definition, and even though we lost, I enjoyed it.

At one point, Meli’s mom came in to ask to use the computer to print a “receipt”…we figured out she was messing with us because Guga corrected her. She was supposed to say she needed to print a “recipe.”

Jorge stopped by to say hi and Meli came in at one point to ask which team was K-State…out of the orange and blue jerseys vs. the silver, white and purple ones. It was quite obvious (AND she attended K-State for four years).

Guga asked how many quarters there were … (derp) … and Roberto just came to say hello and see who was winning.

After the game was over, I watched more Passioné in the dinner room while they ate, and when Jorge arrived from happy hour, we went to his house so we could clean up for an international BBQ party.

Meli was upset with Jorge because we needed to be there at 9:30, and it was 9:30. We were ready in under ten minutes and arrived at 10:15.

On the way, Meli took us past the tailor she uses, because the name of his business somewhat resembled my own name.

We pulled up to a house that resided on the corner and was across the street from a park. From the outside, you couldn’t tell what the house was like, because all I could see was a door, high fences and plants everywhere.

On the other side of the wooden door, high fences and plants, the house was amazing – both inside and out. The owner was an architect who lives in Dubai at the Georgio Armani hotel, which he had a hand in designing.

I spent the majority of the evening, and a wee part of the morning, on an indoor/outdoor patio, above the main house, which overlooked the pool, which was straight out of a Vegas day-club…

In kind, the food was also amazing, and the people were all extremely nice. I met a partner in a law firm from Rome, (Marc) who was Italian and spoke perfect English (with a British accent because he dated a woman in London for two years).

I met three Paraguayans who also live in Italy and several locals who speak very little English, but still managed to carry some interesting conversations.

I also met a girl who is half American and lived in California. She reminded me a lot of my friend Natalie.

We had a full bar to choose from – anything from beer to mixed drinks – and I must say, for never being a bartender, I made a mean vodka tonic.

We left around 3 a.m. and Meli drove. Jorge had us stop to try some “real” Paraguayan food at a street vendor.

He ordered two of the same thing and two Heinekens. The food was prepared right in front of us and no one was wearing gloves, so I’m thankful my immune system is in working order.

The meal consisted of thinly sliced steak, onions, spices and cheese, topped with a fried egg and wrapped in two baked tortillas. It was served with a hot sauce and a side of spicy mayo.

We stood and ate what I can only classify as the best drunk food I’ve ever had, while he told me about some local traditions and what the drunk guy behind us was doing – trying to hit on the girl next to him by asking her out to lunch and where she worked.

He was sloppy drunk, so it was quite amusing to hear the translation of him spitting game…literally.

We made it home safe and sound. Before I called it a night, I decided to write about it.

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