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(Yes, my cat is a loyal subscriber.)

One of the best parts about my job is the variance between yesterdays and todays.

For instance, yesterday1 I prepared a package to send to a prospective client. Today1, I brainstormed an idea for an ad we’re placing in an upcoming event program.

Now, to validate the claim my title suggests…

On Monday, I emailed our business development team requesting a bio and headshot from each of them for our new website. As of this afternoon, I had received one response from the seventeen individual requests sent.

1/17 = 5.8% (after four days)

This afternoon, I sent an email to a few of the same individuals, requesting a picture and brief narrative about their adopted feline friend(s). Within twenty-six minutes, I had three stories, fourteen cat-pics and something to blog about.

3/4 = 75% (within thirty minutes)

[1] Among many, many other things.

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