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I woke up around nine for breakfast at Cafe de Acá, (not where I woke up, only where I had breakfast).

My “Americano” consisted of eggs, potatoes, toast, bacon and a cinnamon roll. Not to mention the variety of beverages I ordered with it: jugo de naranja, a Coca-Cola Light and a coffee, (and I still felt as if I needed more fluids).

Tad, Gabe, Baba, Cecilia, Guga, Meli, Oli, Jorge and I sat outside and enjoyed the cloudy weather, which sprinkled on us for all of about ten to fifteen droplets.

During Breakfast

During Breakfast

After Breakfast

After Breakfast

Guga, Meli, Oli and I went to a neighboring city, Luque, so I could complete my souvenir shopping. En route, I asked what language they speak. They did not laugh.

We shopped for filigrain jewelry for the women in my life, and Aunt Guga bought Olivia a lovely bracelet. After our brief shopping trip, we headed back to Meli’s parent’s house to drop off the generous aunt.

On our way, we got stuck behind a bike gang…member.

Upon my return, I took a shower and caught up on some writing. After about six paragraphs, I decided it was time to go eat, because I was starving and I could hear a crying Olivia downstairs.

I had a tart with tomatoes, eggs, cheese, ham and onions inside…again, delicious.

After lunch, I joined Oli on the couch and watched part of her Angelina Ballerina DVD. During one of the episodes, Oli decided she wanted to show me her Littlest Pet Shop, but Meli wouldn’t go with her to get it, so she went to her room and brought the bucket (nearly as big as her), down to us.

While she setup shop on the main couch, I connected my laptop to their TV and we watched the first 10 minutes of An American Tail, followed by the first third of Shrek before I fell asleep, but kept getting woken by her jumping from the edge of the couch into my butt. She gave up when I wouldn’t move and started tickling my feet.

Finally, she let me get a nice little nap in. I slept like a baby for about an hour and woke up to Jorge letting me know that I needed to be ready in about thirty minutes.

I brushed my teeth, cleaned up a bit and got dressed – paying attention to the color of underwear I put on and my white shirt, which was now freshly ironed courtesy of their nanny, Fati.

Oli came into the room while I was preparing to put my shoes on and felt it necessary to instruct me to put my socks on first. Thanks.

Luckily I was able to figure out how to tie them and headed downstairs to have a Heineken while Jorge, Oli and I waited for Meli to finish getting ready.


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