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My last day in Paraguay (day 9), was more of a few hours divided between a shower and morning coffee, saying goodbye to my extended family (Olivia said she would be very sad when I leave), and having to check my bag at the airport because it was:

  1. Too heavy to carry on, and
  2. they had a full flight.

Reason number two mooted reason number one. Sound logic. She could have just told me it was a full flight.

I’m hungry. Me hungry = me moody.

Once I got through immigration, I called Meli to let her know I was safe on the “other side” and had somewhat of an awkward second goodbye, because it was a second goodbye.

I thought I was going to cry, but I was able to choke back precipitation, even after seeing Baba’s eyes well up this morning as she sat in the firm grasp of her older sister.

I ate half of a ham wrap and drank a full bottle of water, leaving the remainder of my Guarani as a tip, which was a $5 tip on a $6 tab. Hopefully, she’ll pay it forward.

When I got to my gate, I was upgraded to first class, where I had more leg room and less people. Initially, I attributed this to karma and the 83% tip. Shortly after taking my own inventory of first class, I realized everyone around me appeared as if they were “not from around here.”

Turns out they had a full flight.

Similar to my flight into Paraguay, I fell in love with one of flight attendants; however, this time I was able to tell her, “No, I don’t speak your language,” in her language.

I fell asleep listening to my music and woke up to the descent into Buenos Aires. After we landed, I put my tray table and seat back up and exited, after stealing two more seconds of eye contact.


I headed through the airport, with the transit passengers, only to get to the counter and be told I couldn’t check-in because I’m flying Continental.

“No shit, amigo. I’m flying Continental. You told all transit passengers to follow you, so I did.”

Uncommon reaction (from me at least) and I blamed it on being tired and slightly hungry – two ailments you want to avoid seeing me afflicted with. Even after my apology, Capit├ín Obvious didn’t look pleased. I walked away.

I wondered the airport for a few minutes and found the American Express VIP Lounge. Ahh…home.

Flirting with the two girls at the front desk awarded me entrance, even though my AMEX negro card was not in-hand.

I had a cup of coffee and typed a chapter of my book before I decided to switch it up and start in on the Quilmes. I planned to take full advantage, especially considering the debacle I encountered on my trip to Paraguay.

I was three deep when I finally started to hear people speaking English.

Leaving somewhere amazing to return home imparts an overwhelming feeling and I’m not in the mood to write or feel it.

Slightly buzzed, I decide to write a few more chapters of my book and make the most out of my AMEX membership.

I can’t print my boarding pass until I get to my gate, which I hope is announced an hour before my flight…especially considering the issues I encountered on my way down.

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