Paraguay, Day 8: Finale

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After dancing, drinking and having a great time watching football with the family (and new friends) – and finally convincing the DJ to play one song I could sing and dance to, I arrived back to Meli & Jorge’s house.

Went upstairs, removed a somewhat damp shirt (63% due to the early morning humidity), and laid down in bed. Lights out.

I tried sleeping in, but ended up getting up at 11, (looking back, this is sleeping in for me), to go to the pool at Meli’s parent’s house, where I was offered an all-natural Passion Fruit drink, which I accepted. Naturally.

Cecilia, Meli’s mom, brought it back and it was one of the strongest “mixed” drinks I’ve ever had. I quoted “mixed” because it was fruit-colored alcohol.

CUE: numb tongue.
(Say that repeatedly until your words get tied.)

This was the second Brazilian drink I was introduced to while in Paraguay. The other drink, Brazil’s national cocktail, (I didn’t even know countries had these), was a caipirinha, which Tad and I referred to as the “carpe deenum,” because we no hablo.

After nursing the delicious drink and enjoying some sun, we all went to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse. How appropriate.

I was a big fan of the pure de papa (mashed potatoes) and one of my favorite vegetables, cauliflower (cauliflower). Had a butt-load, (exactly 1.2 pounds less than an ass-load and it’s rated PG), of food, followed by a group photo and two scoops of ice cream.

Again, Roberto & Cecilia treated all of us to lunch, which was extremely generous. They must have been regulars, because Jorge & Roberto knew several of the servers at that restaurant, so on the way out they said their friendly ciaos.

Meli, Jorge & I went back to their home so we could change into our bathing suits (Meli and I) and head back to the pool. Had a couple more beers, got chased into the pool by some bug that was a crossbreed of a hornet and a dragon…seriously, I think it had teeth and winked at me.

After the last dragon left I was able to relax and got some color before a brief storm. I fell asleep watching a “New Year” show that featured magicians, dancing, singing and some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (on TV).

Tad, Meli and I headed to the mall after Meli woke me from my nap. I must have been tired/infused because half of my body was on the couch, the other half was on the floor.

(Incoming toilet-humor)

We stopped by Meli’s house briefly so I could change into something dry and clean. Upstairs, Jorge was trying to fix the Lysol spray bottle, because of what I did to the second floor just a few days earlier. I told him not to worry, I delivered at Meli’s parent’s house.

I still had to get my brother, dads and nephew a gift, so shopping was required. We decided to take the elevator upstairs, but it was slow and concluded it was not working. Luckily, the stairs [at the other side of the garage] were working.

Stopped in several stores, including an outrageously expensive baby boutique. I guess “boutique” in your company name justifies a 40% price boost.

I may have to re-consider my company name…

Later, Olivia, Caca and Filipe (Caca’s boyfriend) joined us at the mall. Walking by the arcade I noticed a couple doing DDR. This wouldn’t have made the post if it weren’t for the people next to/behind them mimicking their moves. So, rather than pay the money to actually play the game, they’ll just pretend to play the game someone else is paying for.

Video game poaching is genius. In fact, I’m going to try that next time I see someone playing a shooting arcade game. I’ll just walk up next to them with my bop-gun loaded and start shooting.

We [accidentally] passed a toy store, where Olivia was more than happy to stop and pick something. Tad and I stood outside like a couple of foreign pedophiles before we went to one last store so I could get some local music for my domestic family.

Leaving the mall, we decided to have dinner (snack) at Meli’s parent’s house, since it was my last night out-of-town. (Think about it.) After a small meal, I said my goodnights and copied everyone’s photos to a few DVDs.

Sitting there watching their family interact briefly brought condensation to my eyes because I didn’t want to leave such a loving household. I quickly bent down and started playing with the dog to take my mind off the inevitable exit.

On the ride home, I told Meli how quickly the trip had gone by and again, I noticed some pressure behind my oculars, so I changed the subject. Got home, turned on the TV, said goodnight to Jorge and watched some Sunday Night Football while Meli cleaned house and picked up from the weekend’s activities.

I helped for a bit, then found a Heineken and returned to the couch to retouch some photos and arrange them from the week. I had about 300 to go through, but the four-hour layover in Buenos Aires would take care of that.

Finished this post while charging my laptop, before I headed to my room to pack my bags.


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