Another Reason To Dislike Hospitals

By June 28, 2011 FYI No Comments

I must say, my reasons for disliking hospitals are somewhat legit:

  • In general, the people there are sick.1
  • People die in there all the time.
  • The food is gross.
  • I’ve never once heard of a hospital party.

In addition, I recently learned how dirty hospital pillows are. This is taken from an article I read online this afternoon:

…within 2 years of use, one-third of a pillow’s weight comprises dead skin cells, bugs, dead dust mites and their droppings…

And I thought hotel beds were gross.

The next time you have a hospital-sponsored sleep over, I recommend you bring your own pillows.

[1] In General Hospital, the people are too dramatic. Yet another place I can’t see myself liking.