Mug Shots

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Flashback to two-ten…What I did during my weekend in Denver.

Heard the dreadful tale of six-dollar Mike – a guy invites my friend, Natalie (aka “Nate”), on a date and proceeds to ask for $6, because he doesn’t have enough cash. Weak.

Met several interesting people, all friends of Nate and Char[lotte], and toasted to good times with all of them.

Taught some unfortunate souls (on non-marking soles) how to do the “Bernie.”

Ate some yumazing carrot soup, scallops, and had my first experience with bread pudding. (Actually, it’s not a bad dessert at all.)

Drank St. Germain cocktails and mojitos – standard mojitos and some different flavors, except peach. I only smelled the peach.

Had a good burger, lots of laughs, toured the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado and drank (literally) ice-cold Coors Light, which actually doesn’t taste nearly as bad as bar-temp Coors Light.

Coined a term for prude partners: “Missionary Mary,” took lots and lots of pictures (hence my title) and ended the weekend watching “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”

Boarded my plane Sunday evening to return to the warmth of Austin.

Still not sure why I waited almost six weeks to share this, um, unnecessary info.

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