Surviving Away From Home

By June 28, 2011 Blog, FYI No Comments

Stress can literally kill us. (This is a bad thing.)

I try to remain as stress-free as possible. Especially when I travel for work. When I travel for leisure, I usually don’t get stressed because I don’t have deadlines.

Regardless what you’re traveling for, it’s important to stay healthy when doing so. Tony Schwartz, of The Energy Project, has outlined the six key ingredients to staying healthy while traveling.

Here are a few, which I will definitely be practicing for my upcoming trip to Chicago for ACT’s Enrollment Planner’s Conference.

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Start your day with 20-30 minutes of exercise.
  3. Take a few calculated breaths between scheduled events.

In addition to those, I am usually very conscious about what I eat. In fact, out of the last 100 meals I’ve had, I can honestly say only about three of them were fast food.1

[1] Lunchables do not count as fast food and I definitely had two last Saturday.