Trolling For Chicks

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Faces blurred to protect my friends from Halloween 2008.

Faces blurred to protect my friends. (Halloween 2008)

If you decide where your night leads based solely on the ratio of TNA:CNB, then my friend, you’re probably not my friend. In addition, you probably don’t care about the underlying privacy issues related to using facial-recognition software in public places.

UPDATE: SceneTap actually uses facial-detection software, not facial-recognition. Your privacy is safe, your gender is not.

SceneTap will soon be offering its ratio-ranking services to establishments interested in providing patrons with the amount of males and females currently trolling their bar.

SceneTap uses facial-detection software, (similar to iPhoto and Facebook), to identify:

  • Number of people
  • Number of female people
  • Number of male people

SceneTap then uses an advanced algorithm to determine what’s called a “ratio” of male people to female people. It’s all very confusing and I’m not a scientist – I’m a sentence-ist.

Basically, you get a meaningless figure, as SceneTap’s software currently cannot identify d-bags. If they could, the ratio’s colon, (males:females), would be represented by an asshole, (malesofemales).

It’s coming soon to a bar near you.

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