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Eye Sweat

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A lot. So, at the gym this evening, I saw one of the most disgusted looks on a female senior citizen’s faces I’ve seen since ‘Nam…and it was because of me. Let me paint a picture for you… I’m upstairs, on the mats, stretching my tush muscles and I momentarily move two feet away to stretch the hammys under my moon and she approaches the mat, specifically where I just moved from. Keep in mind, it was nearing a triple-digit temperature outside and I had just finished a 30-minute run. I was soaking and the mat showed it. She looked down at lake Rosstin and a look of sheer repulsion came over her face, she then looked at me like I stole her grandson’s ice cream cone. I simply looked back and shrugged, told her I was still stretching and would clean it up later. The mat seriously looked like a slip ‘n slide an when I re-mounted it, it…

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An App For The Insecure

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Are you one of those people who incessantly watches the fluctuation of your Facebook friends? I notice my number change on a regular basis, but could care less who the individuals actually are. That said, I will admit I’ve figured it out accidentally on occasion, and it stings a little – when you realize you hurt/offended someone enough to get un-friended. Sometimes, I have found friends who have mysteriously (and mutually) been removed. Recently, I was trying to invite a good friend to my birthday dinner and I couldn’t, because she was no longer friends with me on Facebook. Our real-life relationship hadn’t changed, so I was able to invite her the old-fashioned way – text message. Regardless, we re-friended each other, she came to dinner, had a blast, and now I’m blogging about it. I honestly feel Facebook drops friends on purpose. If their “suggested friends” algorithm runs out of conceivable candidates, what’s stopping Facebook from dropping the few…

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Cooliris and Samsung combined the iPad’s advacned technology (a multi-touch screen and accelerometer) to produce a really nifty ad for the Galaxy S II. The ad expands to allow you to tap it, twist it and touch it! It’s almost like you’re playing a version of Bop It! for the iPad. (Yes, it also exists.) The following YouTube video shows how iPad users can interact with the ad and get a “feel” for Samsung’s new phone. My, how advertising has advanced from DDB’s VW Lemon ad… Credit: ClickZ – Samsung Offers Smartphone to Apple Users

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