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I began writing this last December, but finally feel it’s time to share….

Today, I was among the few recipients of a touching and overwhelmingly kind email from someone very dear to me.


I want to express my appreciation and love to you. I know e-mail is a bit impersonal…I would much rather be with you face-to-face, but it is what we have.

This past year has been really difficult for me with finishing school and moving to a new city. I have had a lot of fear around me “growing up” and venturing out on my own, leaving the comfort of school, and having you all so far away.

Regardless, it is the knowing that you are supporting and loving me where you are…that knowing keeps me strong and happy.

It has been ten years since [mom’s] death, and we all have seen so much happen. I pretend…in my mind, imagine her at those moments. I cry because I miss her so much, and I know I can’t have those moment…but I’m happy, because with those thoughts, I feel she is still near.

I want to also thank you for your continued support of [dad]. I have come to honor the sacrifices he made in caring for [mom], and raising [brother] and [me] while still grieving.

In my eyes, he is a superman. He is everything to me…my life. Thank you for loving him.

Now, I don’t want you to worry…I am doing wonderfully here in [city], and I have an amazing family of friends supporting me through all my bumps. I just wanted to say how much you all mean to me…how much I love you. I feel like I didn’t get to say it enough to [mom] before she left. So, again…I love you!


“Throw your heart over the fence, the rest will follow.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Moments like the one I had before, during and after reading this (and again each time I re-read it) are what defines who I am, and refines who I am becoming.

Many thanks to the author for sharing.

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