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Today is the first day I have ever felt it necessary to shampoo my face. Why? I’m participating in Movember to support the awareness of men’s health issues, namely cancers, and doing so requires I avoid shaving for the entire month of November. A big thanks to my family and friends who have helped me raise $125 so far. I still have over two weeks of fundraising, and shampooing my chin and cheeks, before I can shed the ‘stache. And, speaking of…remember this guy? Stay tuned for another status update on my mo’.

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My First Movember

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The “Birds-and-Bees” discussion with my dad didn’t prepare me for the changes I’ve seen over the past eleven days. FYI: I’m currently listening to the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack.1 November, or “Movember,” is dedicated to increasing the awareness of men’s health risks, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men, by encouraging men everywhere to sport their ‘stache. In addition to the rise in Woolly Willy-esque beards, I’ve noticed several other changes in my daily activities and life in general. See the chart (below) for reference. As you’ll note, my testosterone has steadily increased, while failing (e.g. papercuts, spelling errors, tripping, etc.) is on the decline. In addition, I’ve experienced an average of a 30% boost in all of my man-skills, like bear hunting (without the use of forged weaponry), arm-wrestling, wood-chopping, cage-fighting and putting out fires. My awesomeness has grown significantly, spiking sharply on November 7, when I remembered to call my sister on her birthday, and the time…

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